How To Add Multiple Email Addresses To Your Smartphone

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In this tutorial I’ll show you how to add multiple email addresses to blackberry and android . Let’s begin ..

How to add multiple email addresses on your BlackBerry smartphone

Open a email settings application

Click on Add email account

If your blackberry internet service can’t add your email address type your email and pass gain and click Next.
If your internet service still can’t add your email adress then contact your blackberry internet service

Click your email account type

For most types of your email addresses click on POP/IMAP and provide your information for your email address

If your email address use Outlook Exchange click on Outlook Web access (Exchange)

How To Add Multiple Email Addresses On An Android Smartphone

To add gmail account go to Settings

then click on Accounts and sync

choose add account

select google

then you can create or sign in your google account

click on finish setup

choose to sync contact and gmail

When you open a gmail you’ll be able to switch between accounts

If you want to have yahoo or hotmail account then choose Corporate

Enter your email address and password, for hotmail enter into Exchange server field , for yahoo enter

then you can choose how often your email will be checked and notification and sync settings