How To Build Your Own Linux

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Would like create your own linux distribution? Then its time for that and its free. And much for interesting capabilities. It is totally easy. No programming skill or any piece of modification to the program or any coding is required. So anyone who have a internet connection can create it. There are several options to customize your linux. You can give name to your linux. You can set the version (64 bit or 32 bit). All the linux templates are preloaded in this website with enough amount of coding. It can be ordinary linux os,server os etc.. there is a menu for you to select from the category of your os. It can be gnome desktop,sever kde desktop etc…. And the interesting fact is that you can download the linux version created by you even at a later point of time. Because your linux will be in their web sever for a given period of time. So you don’t need any rush to download the linux as soon as it is created. You can create many number of linux os with different functions for server,desktop etc.

1)Its totally free
2)Free backup and server space for your linux
3)Easy to make
4)No coding or programming knowledge required
5)Lots of linux o.s type to select (like server,gnome etc)
6)You can give your own name
7)You can assign the version (64/32 bits)
8)There many options available for the users to customise their o.s

Just follow the steps given:

1)Visit the website

2)Create an account. You have many options to signup for a suse studio account(see image). It’s saves your time.

3)Once you have logged in you can go to your dashboard
4)Select “crate new appliance” under Actions

5) Choose from a list of os versions and types given like server,gnome desktop,simple os etc..

6) Select the version(64/32 bit) and also assign a name like “My LiNuX”

7)Then click on create appliance.
8)That’s all you have created your new linux os. There are many options given in the website to customize the os you made just now.
9)You can also download the os even at a later point of time,because the linux will be in their server for a period of time. This will also help you to download the linux version again if you are