How to bypass survey without using any 3rd party tool

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I was just checking out Hackspc and run into one of the old article written by Ivan – How to bypass surveys. Surveys are really annoying, they just won’t let you access the content without completing them, but who has the time.

Talking about me I never completed any survey to see the content, bypassing survey is a very simple trick, just follow the below trick to bypass annoying surveys banner.

Whenever you visit any website/blog which pops up a survey banner to view their content all you need to do is disable Javascript from your browser and reload the page again and BINGO! now you will be able to see the website/blog.

For Firefox Users:

Go to Tools > Options > Content and uncheck Enable Javascript and click OK.

For Internet Explorer Users:

Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security Click on Custom Level button and scroll down a bit and Disable Active scripting

For Google Chrome Users:

Click on Options > Under The Hood > Content Settings and click on the “JavaScript” tab

Well, be careful, if you disable JavaScript on web browser, some of the website is not working well, because many websites are depend on the JavaScript function.

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