How To Bypass Unwanted E-mail Confirmations And Newsletters

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There may be situations in your life where you have to register for some services in some websites.Most of the websites require your email address. But a major share of these websites send a confirmation link to your mailbox inorder to make sure that you are the owner of that email address.This is an annoying activity.Most of you have to login to your mailbox and have to confirm their mail by clicking on their links.
Consider a situation that you are using a internet café and you have too register for a service in a website(which send a confirmation link) and you have no time to login to your mailbox or you don’t trust that pc,because it is publicly used and the service offered by the website is an inevitable thing……. What to do?
Or consider another situation.You heard about an offer in a website and you went there and they asked you to register for it with a valid email id,so that they can send you a confirmation mail and future newsletters.But you don’t want their newsletters and promotional mails filling your mailbox,but only but confirmation mail is inevitable for you….so what to do?

Or think of another situation. You like an oonline store very well and you need only their emails and offers to your mailbox.So you register there with a valid email id from a good email provider.Here all you have to waste time for creating a email id and also to check your mailbox and you have to login using username password etc…it also waste your time…… so what to do?
The answer for all these questions are here.Its nothing other than disposable emails,(no password required) using which you can make a disposable email id and whenever you register in a website with this email id the confirmation mails and newsletter goes into this mailbox….The most important use of disposable emails are,they don’t need a password to access the mails.Also you don’t need to register with anyone or anywhere.Just free and easy to use. There are several websites offering you free disposable emails without any registration or password to access. So its clear.Just visit your favourite website and register for account or newsletter and give the email like “disposable email@ provider” . then visit that provider website and enter the username(which you gave as email id)then you can login to your mailbox without password and can confirm those mails. Other use is that you can guess any name for your email and register with that on a website and you can access that inbox,because these service doesn’t need a password.

Please note:
1)Don’t use these websites for personal use and for any money transactions etc or don’t use these service for anything highly confidential. Also don’t use this function for registering in facebook, bank websites ,paypal account etc.
2)Use some hard and tough names as usernames for these websites because these sites are used by many people and if you use simple names they also can access it.For example if you use love as username anyone logging in with love as username can access your mails because it doesn’t need a password.So use tough username like “thisISMyeMAiL4Fun”.If you use simple usernames you may sometimes login to anyone else mailbox and may be confused.
3)These website provide only a temporary storage and some may be providing permanent.
4)Due to misuse of these services some websites need password to login.
5)Some website may block some of the above website telling you its invalid or temporary.But anyone from the above list will work with those website

The following is a list of websites providing free disposable email: