How to Change the Password in Putty

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Before few months I set up virtual server for . By my opinion , virtual server is the best solution for fast-growing websites , because it gives you flexibility and only pay for what you need. If you’re not enough technically skilled ,it can be tricky , because mostly virtual servers don’t has integrated by default cPanel or other useful interface . So , simple operation as changing FTP password can be difficult. In this tutorial I will show you how I changed my FTP password by using Putty .

1) Download Putty from this LINK

2) Launch PuTTY , type you hostname for example or ip address , for example and click on open

3)After this will pop up SSH Command windows , type your username and pass for SSH , if you don’t know which are these , contact your web hosting support , they are probably similar to your FTP username and pass.

TIP: To copy/paste something in SSH Command windows , select text click on CTRL+C and in SSH Command windows click with RIGHT CLICK of your mouse

4) In SSH Command windows type command “passwd” and press Enter :


5) Enter current and new password . After that you should received message password updated successfully