How To Clean Your RAM Using Notepad

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When you use your system for hours then you notice that your computer becomes much slower its because of the RAM. When system runs then the program occupies the memory’s location on the RAM and when the program closes, memory locations need to be freed so that other application can use this memory. While this is continuing more and more memory locations need to be freed so that this causes the system to slow down, and this is why its good to clean your RAM every once in a while.This is a nice trick I used a few months ago, its really simple, and once you finish, you will see that your RAM will be cleaned, follow the steps below to clean it:

1)Open Notepad and type this:


2)Now save it as hackspc.vbs (the .vbs is important but the name before it, you can choose whatever you want, in this case its hackspc)

3)Run the hackspc.vbs file you created.

That’s it! Your RAM should be cleaned, thanks for reading this article and keep checking back on hackspc!