How To Copy Texts From Command Prompt

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Whenever you type some command in Windows Command Prompt, you might have once felt that if it was possible copy these difficult texts directly from the command prompt screen and paste it in my normal text editor.

Let’s say that you listed the files and folders available in the Windows folder and you wanted to copy some files and folder names in it. If you have been a newbie in command prompt world then you’ll definitely memorize it or copy it manually by typing each text. It might be easy for normal filenames, but if you are copying the filename with different text and capitalization then you are in real problem.

To get rid of this, I’ve a very simple trick you can use to copy texts from command prompt.

Load the command prompt window and load any directory by typing DIR command.

You may want to copy some portion or some text from the command prompt window. To select text, right click on command prompt window and choose Mark menu.

Hold down left mouse button and drag your mouse to select the text..

After selecting the necessary texts press ENTER button in your keyboard or just use Copy shortcut (CTRL+C).

Now the selected text will be copied to the clipboard.

Try to paste it in any text editor; you’ll have the copied text ready for you.

Wasn’t that simple, I hope you’ll apply this trick in future and share this with your friends.

You can also copy and paste within the command prompt window, copy texts from any part of your Windows and right click on Command Prompt window, then click on Paste.

This was guest post by suraj kayastha, where he writes about several daily technology tips and tricks on webdezineblog and Hacktweaks blog.