How To Create Dynamic Page In WordPress

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Here is step by step tutorial that explains how to create dynamic page in wordpress . This is example of page that I’ve created Google Hacks . It contains 15 latest posts from category google hacks.

1) Log in your wordpress account aand click on Plugins -> Add New

2) Find wordpress plugin called WP Category Post List Widget and install it

3) Go to page that you want to make dynamic and add shortcode :

wp_cpl_sc cat_id=348

It shows posts from category with id=348 , to find category id go to Post -> Categories

Place your mouse over the category that you want to use on dynamic page and on the bottom you’ll see category id as show on image below


It shows number of posts that you want to use on dynamic page


The id of the predefined or added CSS theme


It’s the sorting method.Following are the accepted IDs :
1 => Sort using ‘date’
2 => Sort using ‘comment_count’
3 => Sort using ‘ID’
4 => Sort using ‘title’
5 => Sort using ‘rand’


It’s the sorting order ascending or descending . The accepted values are:
“asc” – For ascending sort
“desc” – For descending sort