How To Create Multiple Email Addresses In Gmail

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Most of us own more than one email account , one from Gmail, one from Hotmail …Most of us are lazy and don¨t like to log in a lot of accounts It would be cool to have one email account where you can send emails from multiple addresses. Luckily, Gmail has an option to integrate multiple email accounts into a single Gmail account. For example, let¨s say that you have two account and You can integrate the email to Here is step by step tutorial:

1) Log in to your gmail account and click on Settings at the top right corner.

Multiple Email Addresses In Gmail

2) Under Settings, click on Accounts tab and click on Add another email address you own, Next -> Send Verification

Multiple Email Addresses In Gmail

Multiple Email Addresses In Gmail

A Verification email will be sent to the address that you specify. Once you verify that you own the email address, it will be integrated to your Gmail account.
After this, you¨ll be able to send email to to multiple addresses.

Multiple Email Addresses