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How To Create Remote Keylogger

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This is step by step tutorial that explains how to create remote keylogger in python. This is upgraded version of KeyHunter . This remote keylogger record every keystroke and store it in output.txt. Then after every 1001 keystrokes send email with last 10000 characters from output.txt to specific email address .
When you run this python script first you’ll need to Enter email address where you’ll receive output.txt

keyhunterv2 1

After pressing 1 characters you should received Welcome email

keyhunter 22

After that you’ll receive email after every 1001 keystrokes.

If you never used python , read my previous article How To Create Your First Python Program where I explained how to run simple “Hello World” script .

Step 1

Download and install pywin32 from this LINK

Step 2

Download and install pyhook from this LINK

Step 3

Launch IDLE python as Administrator and click on FIle -> New Window

Here is complete keylogger code , described with comments :
Python Keylogger Code :

If you want to copy/paste keylogger code I recommend you to do it from my github account if you have suggestion how to improve it please feel free to publish comment below .