How To Enable Multiple Blogs From Single WordPress Installation

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By default, WordPress does not support multiple blogs from single installation. However you can see some websites like, and Haravard University using multiple blogs from single installation. If you want multiple blogs using WordPress, you must actually install each separately (that is, as a separate WordPress installation with separate database). They all used WordPressMU, to get things done.

But from WordPress 3.0, wordpress has WordPressMU integrated in them. To enable multi-sites you must have access to all the files in wordpress root site (i.e. at least you can edit wp-config.php and .htaccess file).

After following this tutorial, you’ll be having multiple blogs from single wordpress installation.

Let’s begin with the tutorial.

First login to your web host cpanel and open wp-config.php file.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Copy and Paste the following code to the end of the page.


Define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);

Your final result must look like this:

Save the file or upload it to your webhost. In new browser window (don’t close the web host cpanel yet, we’ll need to go there again), log in to your wordpress admin page with administrator’s privilege and navigate to Tools > Network located at the left sidebar.

Page will ask you to deactivate all of your plugins. Click on deactivate your plugins link to deactivate all the plugins.

Select all plugin and choose deactivate from the list and click on Apply button.

Again, navigate to Tools > Network. Fill up the Network Title and Admin Email address in it and click on Install button.

After doing this, go bank to your wordpress root site from web host cpanel and create a new folder blogs.dir inside wp-content folder.

Back to WordPress admin page Tool > Network copy the first code snippet and paste it to the top of wp-config.php file.

Copy it like this:

Now again copy another code snippet that will go for .htaccess file.

Go back to your wordpress root and open .htaccess and replace all the codes with the copied code. If you don’t see .htaccess file inside wordpress root then create a new file named htaccess.txt.

Open the file and paste it. Again rename it from htaccess.txt to .htaccess.

Now re-login to administrator’s page in your wordpress site.

Navigate to Super Admin > Sites to edit the list of sites.

Up to here, you’ve successfully enabled multi sites in your WordPress site.

Stay tuned for my next article on setting up, managing, deleting and administering multiple weblogs from wordpress.

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Update: To add and edit new blogs, read this article about setting up and managing multiple blogs in WordPress.

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