How to Fix Windows 10 Privacy Issues

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As most Windows fans know, Microsoft recently released Windows 10 as a free upgrade to Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users. Windows 10 promised to give you back your start menu, make the interface for touch users much easier, and fix all of the mistakes they made in Windows 8.

With this free upgrade, you are sacrificing your privacy. This article will explain to you how you can prevent Microsoft from tracking your every move.
To begin, open the settings panel (not Control Panel) from the Start Menu.
Now, click on Network & Internet, Manage WiFi Settings, and disable connect to open and suggested hotspots and connect to networks shared by my contacts. What this does is it stops Windows from sharing your WiFi password with all your contacts by default.
Network Privacy Issues
Next, go back to the settings menu and click on Personalization. In the side panel, click Start, then disable the option “Occasionally show suggestions in Start”. By doing this, you’re preventing Microsoft from displaying Ads in your Start Menu.

Now, we get to the big stuff. At the settings menu, click privacy. All of the options you now see should ALL be disabled. Now, go to “Speech, Inking, and Typing” and disable “getting to know me”. This will disable Cortana and dictation, but it also stops Windows from sending tons of personal data to Microsoft. Finally, go to “Feedback and diagnostics” and change “Windows should ask for my feedback” to never.
Major Privacy Issues
By changing these settings, you are disabling just SOME of the ways that Microsoft is tracking you and collecting your private data. Unfortunately, there isn’t much more we can do to stop it. Please share this page with your friends to spread awareness of this huge privacy problem and prevent them from being tracked.