How to get eBook for free

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I am an avid reader; owing to my avidity, I invest my most of the time searching books online. Doing so, I have found some good sites that provide eBooks for free. We present you some of the best sites here.

Hundred zeros


Hundredzeros is maintained by the Indian veteran Amit Aggarwal. All the books listed here are free of cost. You can read these books on your Kindle reader or on the Kindle application. Just click the book you want to read and get it to your kindle.



It informs you not only about free eBooks on the amazon, google, and kobo but also about special discount on premium books. Bookbub updates daily. Don’t forget to sign up to get the latest offer into your mail.



Bookzz has a large number of books in its database. You can search and  download almost any books you want to read. Before downloading the book, you can read that book in its online reader.



Maybe you are using for downloading ebooks, for it is very old site, and most of the netizens who search books for free download must aware of this site. It has many categories of books; if one wants to download many books of a category, one should bookmark the site with that category, because the site uploads illegal contents that causes the link get deleted by the owner of the book after some days. By the way it is a good site, and many downloading links are still active now.

 In the nutshell
There are so many sites available on net to download books for free, but because of copyright very few of the sites provide premium books that one is looking for.