How To Get Free Youtube Views

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In this post i will show you how to get free youtube views,comments, favorites and subscribers, For free! So for those who want to give their videos and channel a big boost, keep on reading.
Its quite simple using a website called vagex, just follow the steps below.

1) Register a free account at Vagex and get free 50 credits.
Free Youtube Views

2) After you register click on earn free credits because we need more then 50 credits.

3) Now you can choose a lot of ways to earn free credits. I recommend that you use facebook and twitter to gain 1000 credits. You just need to follow their instructions to advertise their site on your facebook and twitter and they will award you 1000 credits. You can do this daily. If you need some more credits download their vagex viewer program, and follow instructions. Its an automatic bot that views other people’s videos and earns you free credits or just use other methods that vagex has.

views youtube

4) If you want to add your video to the vagex bot go to vagex homepage while still logged into your account. Now click add new video.

5) You will get the following page.

Get Free Youtube Views

6) Fill out all the options as you want and watch as your video gets more popular.

Thats it. I must also mention that this is a slow process, you will get a few hundred views per day.