How to Get Google+ Invitations

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A few days ago I received an Google+ invitation from Amarjit Singh . Thanks to him I now have an Google + account . Looks great , better that facebook . If you want to get Google + invitation email me at , in email write your name , lastname and your gmail address.

Just follow steps below and you’ll be able to have google+ account .

1) Email me at , then I will add you as friend to a circle called “friends” and shared a post with you. It looks like this

2)Once you get the invite click on Learn more about Google+

3)On the next screen click on “Join +”:

4) This will trigger the notification to you and next time you enter you will be able to use it.

This is working for me , please let us know your comments. If you have already google + acc add me as friend , find me by email .