How to grab your friend’s Windows Live profile Image

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Sometime your friends put some amazing images in their profile in Windows Live messneger. You may want to have same image in your profile image as well. Or you may want some images or sound for your personal use, that are played in Windows Live chat messenger.

Today in this tutorial, I will show you how you can grab images, sounds and other information that are exchanged from Windows Live Messenger. This trick might help you to grab and save several necessary things that you don’t’ want to miss while chatting.

By default, Windows stores temporarily accessed files in Temporary folder and so does Windows Live messenger.  To get messenger files you’ll have to go to Temporary folder and locate the folder named MessengerCache where Windows Live messenger stores its temporary files.

Temporary folder is usually hidden to normal users. In Windows it is inside Local Settings folder of User name, see image below:

In Windows vista and 7, it is inside Appdata and inside many subfolders, see image below.

It is not necessary to memorize these sub folder location. You can easily load temporary folder by this easy trick.

Go to Start> Run and type %temp%.

Be it Vista or XP, Temporary folder will pop-up.

In Temporary Folder, find and open MessengerCache folder.

There you’ll see lots of cached file.

Now let me demonstrate with some solid example. I want the profile images and some other files from this user’s window that I am chatting with.

Certainly try to open files with high size. And these high sized files either can be sound or Image. Since there is also sound folder for sound files, these files probably can be image files. Try to open it with your default image viewer.

Here it is:

Let’s try with another file.

There you go, you got the Windows live profile image. In this way you can use Temporary folders to get several other files like videos, audios, etc.