How to Hack PSP

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Hackers know it pretty well that Sony PSP is one of the most easily hackable systems out there mainly because it is got plenty of software, HD player, Flash, Wi-Fi connectivity and amazing graphics. One cool thing about PSP is that it got plenty of buttons which means you can enjoy any game on your PSP without worrying about falling short of buttons. Many people who own PSP often surf on the web to find out hacks for their system.  We bring to you an easy to hack your system:

  1. You need to downgrade your PSP by making use of a downgrading application called Time Machine.

    After this you need to install your emulator by connecting the PSP to your PC by means of a USB cable. Once connected and detected by your PC, you need to put the emulator in the correct folder on the database of your PSP.

  2. Next, you need to download the ROM and place it into the database of your PSP. You can download it from a ROM hosting site like CoolRom. You need to launch the emulator and then open the ROM.  Select the best performance settings and also set the relevant controls.
  3. You can even hack the background image. Resize the image which you want to use to a size of 480 x 272 on your PC and place into the Photos folder present on your PSP. Now go to the image you placed in the Photos folder and press the X button and then select Set as Wallpaper.
  4. You can even stream songs from your iTunes present on your PC to your PSP. All you need to do is install the MyTunesRSS application on your PC and launch it. When you do the setup, you will be asked to add the location of music files present on your PC. Once added, you can press Start Server.

  5. Connect your PSP to the internet and go the website that has been added as a host by MyTunesRSS app. You will be prompted about this after you do the setup. You can now play and listen to all your favorite music without worrying about the storage space of your PSP. You can enjoy all the songs from your PC’s hard disk which you have added on to iTunes.

Download  Time Machine