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How To Hack Windows 7 Password

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Forgetting the password will be frustrating and bring you lots of troubles. How to hack Windows 7 logon password when you forgot it? Here is step by step tutorial that explains how to hack windows 7 password with Password Resetter.


Download Password Resetter from this LINK. It isn’t free software , price is $22.12. After you buy it you will get the download link and activation key via email.

Install Password Resetter on your computer and activate it.


Run Password Resetter 1.0 by clicking on the icon on your desktop and wait for a window like below to appear:

Now you’ll be able to burn a CD or prepare USB that you will use on your locked PC to hack your lost Windows password.


To burn a bootable CD/DVD click on the Burn CD button and wait for a screen like below to appear:

What you need to do next is put empty CD/DVD media in your burner and wait for the Burn button to enable. Once it is enabled please click on it and wait several minutes while the CD/DVD is burnt. You will get a message Burn completed when CD was burnt successfully,

If you want to burn a bootable USB instead CD/DVD click on the Prepare USB button and a screen like this will appear: Plug in your USB and wait for Password Resetter to recognize it and show its drive letter in the Drive letter drown list. Choose it from the drop down list.

After the drive has appeared please click on the OK (green) button and wait for the USB to be prepared. Like on the example below. When successfully created you will get a confirmation


In this step we’ll explainn booting from the CD/USB and removing the password step by step instructions

After the initial startup of your computer is complete, as shown in the previous step, the Password Resetter menu shown above should display on screen.
What to do:
Press ENTER at the boot: prompt, shown above.
Don’t See This Screen?
If Windows started, you see an error message, or you see a blank screen for longer than a few minutes, then something went wrong. If you see anything other than the message shown above then Password Resetter did not start correctly and will not remove/reset your password.
Are You Booting to the CD Correctly?: The most likely reason that Password Resetter might not be working properly is because your computer is not configured to boot from the CD you burned.

Select Disk where the Windows installation is

The next step in the Password Resetter process is to select the partition that contains the Windows installation that you want to delete a password from.
Most computers have a single operating system installed on a single partition on a single hard drive, making this a very easy choice.


Press ENTER to accept the default partition or type the number corresponding to the correct partition from the Candidate Windows partitions found list and then press ENTER.

For Windows 7 Users!

Windows 7 has a small boot partition first (number 1) for the boot loader, and if you are using Windows 7 it means that the one marked with boot is not correct then you need select number 2 manually.
If you did everything and you are still stuck at this step then please do the following, when the list of partitions is given you need to use option –a in order to see the complete list of partitions. Then please try to select a partition from this list, and this should solve the problem.

For Windows 2000 Users!

If you are using Windows NT 2000 please when you are asked to enter the registry directory path enter the following:


Password Resetter now needs to know the exact location of the Windows Registry. Except in the rarest of occasions, the default location will be the correct one.Press ENTER to accept the default Windows Registry path.

If pressing enter goes back to the same screen asking you to enter the path again and again it means you have chosen the wrong partition. Therefore please repeat this process by rebooting your PC and selecting a different partition from the list.


Password Resetter is now asking which part of the registry it should load.Press ENTER to accept the default choice of Password reset.


Now that the registry is loaded and available to the program, Password Resetter needs to know exactly what you want to do.Press ENTER to accept the default choice of Edit user data and passwords.This will load the necessary options for the actual password reset process.


Password Resetter now needs to know which user’s password you’d like to delete (erase, clear, blank, remove, call it what you like). You will get a list of all available users on the specific computer.
A default user is listed between the brackets at the prompt. In the above example, you can that it’s the Administrator user.If the default user is the user you’d like to remove the password from, simply press ENTER. Otherwise, enter/type the username and then press ENTER.


At the bottom of the screen you’ll see the User Edit Menu with several options to choose from.Type 1 for Clear (blank) user password and then press ENTER.

Password Resetter shows some interesting information about the username you entered in the last step – the full name, what groups the user belongs to, how many failed login attempts have taken place, how many total logins have been completed, and more. If you see a check in the Passwd not req. box, this means that a password is not a requirement for this particular user. It does not mean that a password is not required to access the account in Windows. In other words, it’s saying that it is possible to erase this user’s password.


Assuming there weren’t any problems, you should see a Password cleared! message after entering 1 in the previous step.
Type ! to quit editing user and then press ENTER.
You must confirm these changes in a later step before they are actually complete. If you quit Password Resetter now then the password reset will not be completed and password will not be removed!


Next, you will get the 1,2,3,9,q menu. Enter q and then press ENTER to quit the Password Resetter registry editing tool.


Type y and then press ENTER.
If you do not type y and press enter then the changes are not saved and your password will not be removed! You should see an EDIT COMPLETE message appear on screen. If you do, it means that Password Resetter has written the password changes to your computer!

Press ENTER to confirm the default option of not rerunning the password reset.
That’s it! You’ve just completed the entire Password Resetter password removal process.
Press CTRL+ALT+DEL in order to restart you computer – Make sure you remove the CD or the USB from your computer first.

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