How to Hack Xbox 360

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Microsoft Xbox 360 is one gaming console that has attracted gamers across the globe. It has got astounding graphics. However, the games that you purchase for Xbox 360 do not come for cheap. Moreover, after playing any game several times on your Xbox 360, your disk can become scratched and unusable. This is the last thing you want to happen to your favorite Xbox 360 game disks. You can easily solve this problem by creating a copy (backup) of your game disks and then play the copy version of the games on your console.

You should be aware of the fact that Xbox 360 game disks will not allow you to create direct copies of the disk as they are encrypted by the game makers. You will notice that you will not be able to copy the section that contains the boot up files of the game. To bypass issue, you need make use of an application called Game Copy Wizard.

Game Copy Wizard app lets you back all the game disks that you play on gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and Sony PSP. You can create backups by using CD or DVD writer. It is available at a price of $29.99. By using it, you can create 1:1 clones of your games including the boot sector of your game disks.


Here are the steps to create the backup for your Xbox 360 game disks:

  1. Once you have downloaded and installed the Game Copy Wizard application, you need to launch it.
  2. Insert the game disk into the DVD or Blue Ray drive of your PC and use the application to create the ISO image of the game and save it on your hard disk.
  3. Next, you need to insert a blank DVD or Blue Ray disk and then browse to the ISO image of the game you created in order to make a copy of it by burning it.
  4. Since the software creates copies of the boot sector files, it will take a long time to complete to burn the disk.

The best thing about this hack is that it is totally legal and you do not have to do any sort of modification to your system. Doing this will not void the warranty of your Xbox 360. So what are you waiting for, start creating backup of all your Xbox 360 game disks with this simple application.

Download Game Copy Wizard