How to Hide Files inside a Picture

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This is an old trick, but maybe the best way to hide your files. For those who don´t like reading, at the bottom you have a video guide.

1. On the hard disc C: create a  new folder; in that folder add the files, that would like to hide and the picture. In this picture we will hide the files.

2.Select all files in that folder , right click and click add to archives…( we will have to use WinZip or WinRar), after this you will create .rar/.zip file

3. Open Command Prompt (cmd) (start->Run in Run option type cmd and click OK). In cmd type cd \ , then cd folder_name like ” cd hide” without the quotes.

Then type copy /b picture_name.jpg + file.rar new_ picture_name .jpg. It looks like this
“copy /b picture.jpg + hide.rar picture2.jpg”

4. After this you will find a new picture, select that picture, right click and go to open with, open picture with winrar or winzip and you will see hidden files

Video instructions: