How To Hide uTorrent Client From System Tray

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Using uTorrent with full bandwidth allocated by it makes your browser way too slow. Assume that you are downloading file which is more than 5 GB and you need it as soon as possible. But you don’t want to download if from your PC, rather you want to download it to your friend’s PC. But the chances of getting it downloaded sooner is almost null and this idea won’t work since he’ll stop it or close the uTorrent client if it’s hampering his regular browsing experience.

You might think if you could hide the uTorrent client from running in system tray and also disabling the Windows Task Manager. This can be one of the good ideas to get files you need in time.

Well, that was only the case assumption. Let me show you how one can hide uTorrent from system tray.

As far as in my mind, I can do this by two methods. One is by changing the default icon of uTorrent client that appears in system tray to some other regular icons like internet connection status icon. And another is just by removing uTorrent from system tray.

Later one seems more practical and logical as compared to prior one. Let me show you how to do this.

Create a new shortcut of uTorrent client in your desktop by going to installation location of uTorrent client. The installation directory is usually %systemroot%/Program Files/ uTorrent

After you’ve created shortcut in your desktop, Right Click and choose Properties in the shortcut icon.

The Properties window will load up. In the target field, you’ll see:

We are just 4 words away from hiding the uTorrent client. Add the parameter HIDE to it just after one space.

Now the final result in the target field will be:

“C:\Program Files\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe” /HIDE

Click OK.

Double click the shortcut icon to start the program.

What if you have uTorrent in startup? The solution is, either you can copy the shortcut icon to startup folder or do some registry tweaks.

Registry tweaks to hide the uTorrent client in startup.

First you need to know which registry key is actually controlling the startup of uTorrent client. To find it out, open RUN command and type msconfig.

In the msconfig window, go to Startup tab. Scroll to uTorrent.exe (If you have the startup then it will be there). Note the registry location.

Again in RUN window, type regedit, navigate to the location that you’ve noted. HKCU, HKLM, etc are initials of the root registry folder. For example, HKCU stands for HKey Current User and HKLM is for HKey Local Machine.

After you navigate to Run, you’ll see uTorrent value at the right column.

Double click on the utorrent. In value data add /HIDE after single space as we did above. Click OK.

Now you are done.

Open msconfig again to confirm it,

In next system restart whenever your systems starts, the utorrent client icon will not be visible in system tray.

But when you openTask Manager, you can see the process running.

This confirms that your utorrent client is running but invisible to you.

Hope this tutorial was helpful.

Note: Don’t hesitate to update your uTorrent client. This tricks doesnot works in lower versions of uTorrent.