How To Hide Your IP Adress

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Are you aware that many websites and most hackers use IP addresses to monitor your personal business, your home address and other personal information about you can be retrieved once your IP address is known?The softwares is 100% free of spyware and adware. This is proven by many 3rd parties.There are several ways to hide your ip, here is a list of sites where you can try it out:


You can either download the program(the trial version),or pay for it. If you choose to download the trial version,you are allowed to use it for 3 days…

Downlaod Link

If you choose to pay for it, you can choose if you want to pay 1,2, or 3 years.




You can here also choose from the trial version and payment.The trial version allows you to use the program 14 days.
Download Link
If you choose to pay for it go here:
you will get something like this

Click the product which name has ,,Hide my ip”

Trial version last for 3 days
Download Link
About the payment method,you can either choose 1 month subscription,or you can pay for 1 year.


3. Hide your IP