How to Install “Turbo C/C++” Compiler in Ubuntu Linux

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Are you running first time Ubuntu Linux or not know even more in Linux/Ubuntu? Are you a student as only run tubo c/ c++ compiler in Microsoft Windows to create your projects/executable programs and not have better idea about how to execute various c, c++ programs in linux ubuntu. Then, yet you don’t think even more about how to execute c/c++ programs in linux/ubuntu as we are giving step to step tutorial about how to install “turbo c c++” compiler in Ubunu/Linux so that you can continue your work without any effort.

To install Turbo c c++ compiler in Ubuntu/Linux, you first need to install Dosbox Emulator under Linux/Ubuntu. So, go to Applications- Ubuntu Software Center

Then, search as type under Ubuntu Software Center search- DosBox Emulator

After search as you will get the software- Dosbox Emulator. Then, click on More Info and get whole details of Dos-box Emulator as it is used to run old dos applications. Click on install button and then, downloading & after install process will automatically done by operating system- Ubuntu.

Illustrated in image-

You can also install dosbox emulator under terminal as to open first goto-> Applications – Accessories – Terminal

Then, type in Terminal- sudo aptitude install dosbox

Application will now download and then, install DOSBOX.

After installed, also must put turbo c/c++ setup (tc3.exe) which you having in home folder. As for this, goto-> Places – Home Folder.

Then, open it as will found in- Applications – Games – DosBox Emulator.

Open Dosbox Emulator and type the following code-

mount c ~



To type code, your setup of turbo c/c++ compiler (which is present in home folder) will automatically installed by Ubuntu O.S. Below image illustrating-

After installed turbo c/c++ compiler, open through dosbox emulator as type commands-

cd (to open folder)

and in folder open your turbo.exe file (tc.exe).

At last moment, your tubo c/c++ comiler would open.

Finally, you will get your turbo c/c++ compiler in ubuntu/linux. Work in it as similar as you always do. We hope you understand our full tutorial about How to Install “Turbo C C++” Compiler in Ubuntu Linux