How To Install WordPress On Virtual Host

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In this post I’ll explain how to install wordpress on virtual host . There are plenty virtual web hosting services , for mostly process of installing wordpress is the same, here I’ll use Gandi VPS .

After you bought resources for your virtual host, you need to create/configure server. In your dashboard you’ll see option Create Server , click on it.

Login to your server via FTP client to to upload wordpress files. There are many ftp clients (ex. Filezilla, CyberDuck…) , I recommend Filezilla .Each client is different, the particular terms used will be different (username, user, login, etc…), but the basic information is the same.

FTP server: the IP Address of your server
username: admin (or the user you have attached to the virtualhost).
password: the password you gave when you created your server (or the password defined for the user attached to the virtualhost).

Here is an example of logging in using Filezilla (replace with your own server’s IP address):

Download WORDPRESS and extract it to your computer , transfer all wordpress files via FTP client to your server specific path , for Gandi virtual host it’s something as /d_my-gandai-ai/www/ , for every website will be different , wordpress must be uploaded to htdocs

Your blog’s setup is done through your FTP Client.

You need to find the file called wp-config-sample.php in your blog’s directory, and rename the file as “wp-config.php”.
Once you have edited the file and uploaded it back into WordPress’ directory, open your web browser and launch the install page, whose directory is /wp-admin/install.php inside the WordPress folder. For example for it is .

You’ll just need to give some basic identification info (blog name and e-mail), submit, and you’re done!

You’ll be granted the admin login, and an automatically generated password (which you can later modify if you wish).

How To Transfer WordPress Blog To Virtual Host

To transfer wordpress blog to virtual hosting or any other hosting login to your FTP server via FTP client as Filezilla and transfer all files to specific folder , for gandi virtual host it’s /d_my-gandai-ai/www/ . You’ll need to modify wp-config.php

change mysql hostname to new hostname , hostname is ip address or dns name of your server , for , it’s or

define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxx’);

MySQL database username, passwords and database name can stay the same . Login to your phpMyadmin ( , click on Import and import your database filename.sql.

If you have problems with transferring as to large database , wrong upload path , read my previous article WordPress Issues While Transferring To Other Web Hosting