How To Install XAMPP On Vista

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If you’re looking easy way to develop and test websites locally, then you should try XAMPP server. You don’t need to connect to internet. XAMPP is really very easy to install and to use just download, extract and start. This is complete step by step tutorial with images that will help you trough installation process ,also here you’ll find solutions for problems with XAMPP installation .

1) Go to and download the package you want. I recommend Basic package .exe 51 MB

2) Install XAMP

3)After this will appear XAMP Control panel, other way to launch Control panel is to click on xampp-control in C/xamp/xamp.

4) Launch web browser as mozilla firefox , and type http://localhost in address bar

5)Choose language

6) If you installed XAMPP successfully , then you should see something as below

Problems with XAMPP installation:

1) Apache Won’t Start

If you try to start apache from the control panel but it won’t start.If you get a green “running” notification from the control panel, but it only appears for a second then goes away. Then , there is an enormous chance that port 80 (and possibly 3306) is in use by something else. For example some software as skype or similar can cause this problem .

To fix it, press crtl+alt+delete , start task manager, and end process which which causes problems

2) Missing or insufficient write permissions

Because of missing or insufficient write permissions in “C:\Program Files”, I recommend to use alternate folder for XAMPP (“C:\xampp” or “C:\meinverzeichnis\xampp”).

3) You can’t start services with the Control Panel

You can’t start services with the Control Panel: You have installed Apache/MySQL in “C:\xampp” as Windows service. But you can’t start/stop the services with the “XAMPP Control Panel” or can’t uninstall them.
Solution: Use the service management console from Windows or disable UAC.

To disable the UAC, use the program “msconfig”. In “msconfig” go to “Tools”, select “disable user account control” and verify your selection. Now you must restart Windows. At the same place, you can enable the UAC again.