How To Install xfce4 on FreeBSD

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This is step by step tutorial with images that explains how to install xfce4 on FreeBSD.

1. We need to download xorg package. It will take a little bit of time for downloading.
Type following command

pkg_add -r xorg

2. After we been installing xorg we need to install xfce.
It’s the same command but instead xorg , it’s xfce4

pkg_add -r xfce4

3. We need to edit rc.conf file, I use vi editor

Basic vi commands:

x delete single character under cursor
i insert text before cursor, until hit
for more commands visit basic vi commands

you need to add


and pres ESC , save it vith :w!

4. Navigate to root and type following command

echo "/usr/local/bin/startxfce4" >> ~/.xinitrc

5. Rebot your system

6. If everything is ok , we should be able to start xfce4 with command