How To Make 100% FREE Calls

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Can we make free calls from USA to India?Yes you can.Just follow these easy steps and get free calls to India totally free.Please note that it is only for USA citizens and only to India.You can make a 2 hour(120 min) call to India and it is free.Since you don’t need a pc or internet connection the calls will be crystal clear and will be similar to your ordinary mobile call.The best part is that the recipient will be shown your mobile number and not any automated computer number.So he can understand you and can attend the calls..Everything is as usual….But it’s free that’s the difference.

1)Go to this site

2)Here you need to register with a valid international credit/debit (visa) card.Then only you will get this offer.(Please note that don’t use your own credit card.because when it reaches 120 min the site will automatically credit an amount from your credit card.So use the below given trick and you can make unlimited number of calls)

3)There is another website which provides you with a FREE virtual debit/credit card.It’s totally virtual and valid internationally.You can use it as your ordinary credit card and if you deposit money in their website you can purchase anything online because it is valid around the globe.

4)Go to that website( apply for an virtual card(you can create as many fake cards online).Then you will be given a virtual credit/Debit card with card number,vcc etc which is similar to ordinary cards.Since it is free you can apply for as many cards as you want with fake details. Read my previous article How To Get A Totally Free Prepaid Virtual Visa Card

5)Again go to this website and create an account with the credit/debit card you made just now.Since this site only require a valid credit/debit card then you can make this unlimited times with different virtual cards……..

6)Now you need to give your mobile number and you will get an automated call to verify your mobile number.After verification you can call to any number in India totally free

Please note the following:
1)You need only a valid credit card so you can create account with unlimited fake cards
2)Sometimes there may be verification from EntroPay.So register with as soon as you create the virtual card before verification(for fake cards)
3)If you try it with your own card then stop calling at 118 th minute otherwise some amount will be credited if there is money or in future, automatically.
4)Also use Only one mobile number with an account which is with you at the time of registration.
5)If there is an option to delete the account you made in, then you can again use the same Informations to create an account again(try if after 48 hrs from deletion).
6)Don’t use this functionality to prank anyone because,your real number is visible to the recipient.