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How To Make A Facebook Fan Page

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A facebook fan page is a nice way to promote your business your work or brand etc. You can create your personal fan page too.
You can create a facebook fan page by follow theses easy steps:

  • Click and login to your account.
  • Now at this time you have to decide that to whom you are going to create a fan page, either this is for a business or a community page etc.
  • In our example i will create a fan page of hackspc. Enter the name of the thing or service to whom you are going to create a page. This will also become your page name.

  • Click on “Create Page”.
  • Once your fan page has been created you have to give some information about the fan page, you have to add Display Pic.
  • Click on upload an image from your computer and upload your fan page display pic. Make sure that the pic highly represent your product or services etc. Once you have uploaded your fan page look like this:

  • You can inform your fan’s about your newly created fan page, there are several way to inform the fan’s. Click on import contacts and invite your fan’s.

  • After that click on Edit page to provide some information about your fan page.

  • If you want to add some restriction on your fan page than you can click on manage permission than set restriction.
  • If there is a multiple admin of fan page than you have to add there names. Click on manage admins and add multiple admins.

  • Now its time to promote this page, click on Promote this Page on your website, now you are on a developer page.

  • What you need to do is just open your fan page and copy the whole URL

  • Paste this URL on Facebook page URL section now click on get code.

  • Now you are ready to make a fan page by yourself, I wish you a good luck.