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How To Make A Zip Bomb

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Zip bomb has one more name , Zip of death, it is designed to crash a system. A zip bomb is actually a small file with hundreds of kilobytes. When your friend unpacks it, his system cant take it and it will crash. I will now show you how to make your own zip bomb to trick your friends. Just follow the steps bellow:

1)Create a new text document, name it .txt , in my case, I named it hackspc.txt

2)Now you will need to type the null character, press alt+225. (hold alt while pressing numbers 2,2,5 then let go) and it will look like an empty space.

3)Now copy that character and paste it a couple of times.
I recommend doing this: Ctrl+a , ctrl+c , then a couple of times ctrl+v . Repeat it all.

4)Make several copies of that file in the same directory and name the accordingly.

5)Open command prompt and navigate to the folder containing hackspc.txt , type this

Copy /b *.txt b.txt

It depends on what you named it.
This will add all of the copied documents into 1 big. You can skip this step if you pasted a whole lot of times in step 3.

6)Once you have a big file of 1GB or more compress it using Winrar into a zip file of about 1MB.

That’s it! Now the only thing left to do is, to send that file to your friends.