How To Make An Self-Destructing E-mail

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If you ever wanted to to trick your friends by sending them a self-destructing e-mail or are just of curiosity here, then continue reading. We will be using a Self-destruct service which tells you when your tracked e-mails are opened, viewed… Follow the steps below:

1) Go to this website.

2)Sign up for free and get your account. Use your e-mail while registering.

3) Fill up the details.

4)Now just log in into your e-mail service you are using and write a new message, so like sending an ordinary message to your friend, except, in column where it says ,,To’’ Just add at the end of your friends e-mail address.

Your friend will receive an e-mail that says he has to click on the link to read the message, when he opens it a message will pop up that will say he has 1 minute to read the message, and the message will expire after 1 minute.