How To Make Free Phone Calls Online

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Sometimes you need to make a phone call, but you are not quite willing or able to pay for it. There is a simple solution – make a free phone call online. Here are some sites that allow you to do that.

1) Evaphone

Just visit the site, enter the phone number in international format and call it. You need a browser with Flash plugin. The Flash application will ask you for the permission to access the microphone.

2) Vopium

You need to sign up and enter your phone number. You receive 5 minutes of free calls and quite cheap calls afterwords.

3) Jajah

You have 5 minutes of free calls after registration.

4) Voipstunt

You have to register and download the software. You can make free calls to the destinations listed in the screenshot below, but only with duration of up to 1 minute.

5) Rebtel

You need to register and download one of the applications: iPhone, Android, Blackberry or PC. You can make free phone calls to other Rebtel users and cheap calls to other phone numbers.