How to Make Your Own Flash Game For Free

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Want to make a flash game in very easy way and in unique attractive look? Do you want to create your own flash game for free? Are you having no idea about how to make your own flash game for free? Then, here we are giving step to step tutorial about how to make your own flash game for free.

So, what you need to make flash game for free? You just need to download stencyl software .
Open official web-site and just DOWNLOAD.

With stencyl, you can also make game for ios and android devices as well.


After download, you just need to install your stencyl software in your computer as open software and follow step to step instruction to install it and after installed, open stencyl application and then, sign in as you can sign in with your stencyl account. Yo can create a stencyl account on official web-site

Now, it’s time to make a free flash game. So, here, we are showing a simple game of stencyl as representing a game named “balloon” as how it is made? We are showing game balloon with step to step images and with details so that with this you will learn how to make a flash game with stencyl?

Firstly, open stencyl application and then, click on game- balloon and open it as visit image below-

After opened, you will get a created game file as named “first” as you can edit it as simply just double click through mouse on it or click and then, click on edit button as given there. Just visit above image as showing clearly-

After edit game file as named “first”, you will get an edit file or we can say that an open file as in which you can change (design) anything as based on your need, can add your own tools in it. And then, you can check out the result of your game as click on test scene button which is present at corner and after click, you will get a new window in which you can play your own prepared flash game. Visit image below-

Now, the matter is how it is designed? It is designed in a very simple way as in this game various actors are added. Just click on game center and then, in resources- click on actor as visit images below to check out better about how are added.

Not only actors, with these actor behaviours are added as you check out as click on logic- Action Behaviours and check serially all. See images below-

So, the matter is how you will get all such things? You can get these all freely as click on- “Stencyl Forge” where you will get lots of stuff as simply search, download and attach to scene. To assist you as here, we are changing “gun turret” in our game. Just visit step to step images carefully below-

In this way, you can create you game as based on your imagination. So, let’s start now as open stencyl and then, click on create a new game and follow instruction carefully as visit images below-

In this way you can open (edit) a blank game and then, design it based on your imagination as download all things through “Stencyl Forge”. We hope you understand. Let’s try, do practical, good bye…