How to Monitor Calls Remotely With a Parenting App

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As a parent, I often worry about what my daughter takes about on the phone. I do respect her privacy and I realize that she deserves some space. But honestly, if you’re not mediating what your kids are talking about with other kids, then you’re doing parenting wrong. So I’ve found a perfect way to ‘keep it clean’ if you will when it comes to my daughter’s phone conversations. I’ve installed a parenting app called XNSPY on her phone, and that helps me monitor calls remotely. Let me tell you how.

Installing XNSPY
First, I had to find a way to download XNSPY on my daughter’s phone. I was supposed to buy her a new phone anyway so before I gave it to her, I installed XNSPY on it. It was a simple enough process, one that didn’t take longer than 5 minutes. After that, I just had to go on over to the XNSPY Control Panel on my laptop, sign into my account and toggle the call monitoring feature on. After that, I was back in business.
The Monitoring Features
So here is what you can do to monitor you children’s calls:
• Check their phone logs
• Go through their contacts list
• Get the timestamp for when each call was made/received
• Know the duration of each call
• Record their calls to listen to the actual conversation
So with this, I can listen through my daughter’s conversations and know what she talks about. This was great because I was able to catch her while she was planning to skip school with her friends.
Parenting Digitalized
Some parents may call this an invasion of the child’s privacy. But look at it this way: more and more of your child’s life is being integrated on smartphones and the digital platforms they present. You can’t not monitor one aspect of their life and not the rest. The decision to monitor calls in this day and age is the right thing to do. So I’d suggest you put XNSPY on your kid’s phone, too.