How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android

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Did you accidentally delete a picture or album that you were not supposed to delete? We have done these things a lot in our lives when we deleted pictures or albums knowingly or unknowingly by mistake that we later regret deleting them. But thankfully, with the help of latest technology, recovering deleted photos in Android phone has become lot easier than before.

While Apple has already provided an in-built data recovery tool for its iOS users but if you are using Android phone then you will have to take help from third party external software.

In this tutorial, we will show you two ways that will aid you to recover all the deleted photos back into your Android phone again. One thing to remember is that whenever you delete a photo or data from your smartphone, they are actually not deleted from the phone but rather only the links attached to them are deleted which makes your files disappear from your phone. And with the help of some professional photo recovery tools, we can reconnect the missing links and make your photos appear on the phone again. Keep on reading to learn how to recover deleted photos from your Android phone.

Method #1: Recovered Deleted Photos using PhotoRec

PhotoRec is an old but popular photo recovery software that used command lines to recover your deleted pictures from your phone. But with the latest version, PhotoRec introduced a decent GUI that can be used to recover photos with just few clicks. To get started, follow these steps :

Step 1. Download PhotoRec from the official website and store the zip file on your computer. If you are a Windows user then extract the files from the zip file and run “qphotorec_win.exe” to launch the program.

Step 2. Connect your phone to PC using a USB data cable and wait until it is identified by the software.

Step 2. From the option “Please select a media to recover from”, choose your disk drive and set the file system type as “NTFS/FAT” if you are using Windows computer.

Step 3. Select an output folder where you want to save all your deleted photos.

Step 4. Once you have setup all the options, click on “Search” to begin the scanning process.




Tip: Scanning process may take several minutes depending on how much deleted data it is scanning.

Step 5. After the scanning operation is finished, the software will automatically save all the deleted photos to the destination folder on your computer.

Tip: Make sure to have enough space on the output folder disk to avoid any interruption.


  1. Recovers all kind of deleted data from your phone that is very time consuming.
  2. No option to preview your photo before recovering them.
  3. Very slow software and takes forever to scan.
  4. May fail to recover photos if system requirements are not met.

Method #2: Recover Deleted photos using TunesBro DiskLab for Android

TunesBro DiskLab for Android is one the fastest and most powerful data recovery program that is used to recover deleted photos from Android. It gives you vast range of data scanning and helps to recover all types of files including text messages, contacts, video, photos, music, WhatsApp chats, etc. Tunesbro DiskLab for Android is designed very elegantly and the clean interface of the software makes it easier to recover deleted data. Moreover, it works in both Windows and Mac platform and let you preview all deleted data before recovering them. Implement the following steps to recover deleted photos from your Android phone –

Step 1. Download TunesBro DiskLab for Android on your computer and install it. Make sure to download the suitable version as it works in both Windows and Mac computers.

Step 2. Launch the program to see the main features of this software and connect your phone to PC via USB data cable and wait for the software to recognize your device.

Step 3. As soon DiskLab for Android detects the device, click on “Start Scan” to initiate the scanning process of the deleted files. It may take several minutes depending on how much data it is scanning.

Step 4. After the scanning process is completed, the software will show you all the deleted data from your phone in a well-categorized manner. You can hover through each folder to preview all the erased files.

Step 5. Click on “Gallery” to preview all the deleted pictures from your phone and select the photos that you want to restore.



Step 6. Finally, click on “Recover” to save all the deleted pictures on the destination folder.

That’s all. You have successfully restored all the photos back on to your Android smartphone.


TunesBro DiskLab for Android is the best and easiest solution to recover any deleted files from your Android smartphone. Not only pictures but also you can recover other data types such as videos, music, SMS, contacts, etc. using the same software. It is absolutely free to try and if you run into any issue with this software then don’t hesitate to contact their dedicated staff to get convenient assistance with your queries.