How to remote access your computer

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If you need simply access to your computer remotely but with a good security level, this is a great method to do it. Just install I’m InTouch onto your PC. Your computer has to be always connected to the Internet. During the installation you will set a password and only entering that password from the outside you can bypass the firewall that is preventing unwanted connections. If you have some problems installing the program just ask in the comment area. When you finish the installation, you will get a link to your email (*something like this Click the link and log in. After this , you will see your PC’s status, if it says online you can access it.

Click on your computer name and wait for the connection to be established. If you have a slow internet connection, all the thing you do will work slower. The speed of your PC respond time is depending on your upload speed you have at home. You can also access the home computer with mobile phones and similar devices

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