How To Resize Images

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Just few moments ago, you caught a beautiful high resolution image, or just in case you needed to change the size of the image to fit. How will you get your job done? If you are Photoshop user, you’ll probably resize your image there. But it is always not possible to have such tools stand by to help you again and again.

How to resize images with Microsoft Paint

Besides using Photoshop, you’ll use Microsoft Paint right? If you don’t know how to resize the image in Microsoft Paint then here it is:

  1. Open your image in from Paint program.
  2. After the Paint program is loaded, press CTRL + A to select the entire paint region.
  3. Roll over your mouse cursor to the bottom corner of the image, your mouse cursor will change in to diagonal resize corner.
  4. Click and drag to resize the image.
  5. Now click on Crop button in the Image section of Home tab.
  6. The document’s height and width will be resized to the image you’ve selected.
  7. Save the document with the new file name.

In this way you’ll resize your image using Microsoft Paint and that’s even possible only in new version of Microsoft paint.

How to resize images online

Let’s say that you want to resize the image from remote location or from any website. If it is in Photoshop or Microsoft Paint, you’ll have to first download the image and then open it and resize it. You’ll find it hectic job to do these. So, forget about Microsoft paint, I have some online tool to show you how to resize image from just a single click.

We’ve Resizr, an online image resizing tool that will instantly resize any image to the specified size without having to lose the aspect ratio and quality of the image.

To resize the image online, go to Resizr homepage. If you want to resize the image files that are located in your hard drive then choose Local tab and choose the file.

After the image has been uploaded in the web, drag the slider to increase or decrease the size. Alternatively, you can also input the direct size value.

After you’ve specified everything, click on ResizR button.

This will give you a new resized image.

Now save the image in your hard disk by right clicking on the image and choosing Save Image as option.

In case you want to resize image from remote location, enter the URL of the image file and specify the width and click on ResizR button.

In this way you’ll resize your image instantly without using any software. Since it is online tool, it is available to you wherever you have access to internet.