How To Restore Computer To Factory Settings

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Want to hit the reset button and restore computer to factory settings? There are two ways how can you do it. First is by re-installing your windows . This requires access to a Windows installation CD . If you don’t have the installation cd then you can restore your computer with recovery partition or recovery disk . Each vendor uses their own particular type of solution

Here are instructions for restoring computer to factory settings for every vendor :

Note: These steps will return the system to the original factory installation including all factory installed drivers and applications.
Back up all data prior to using this procedure.

1) How to use Acer eRecovery – ACER

2) Restoring Your Computer´s Software to the Factory Settings – DELL

3) How to Recover Your Notebook PC – ASSUS

To choose desired model , click on Change your model

4) Restore System to Factory Default – GATEWAY

5)How to restore HP to the original factory settings – HP

6) How to restore Sony to the original factory settings – SONY

7) Reset to factory settings – TOSHIBA