How to restore a deleted program on XP

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At least once in your computing history you’ve deleted a program from your PC and after a while you’ve realized you needed it again. Or at least once you made something inside your computer you didn’t like or it messed up something and you didn’t know how to return it back. There is no need to panic! You can easily recover these deleted programs under condition that you have activated the System Restore before. *in case you haven’t had activated the System Restore, a solution could be found in this post.
How to activate the system restore?It is simple.

1. Right click on My computer , then select Properties , go to tab System Restore and uncheck Turn Off Sytem Restore on all drives . It looks like this:

2.Go to Start , then All Programs , Accesorries, System Tools and System Rsetore,
Start->All Programs->Accesorries->System Tools->System Rsetore , it looks like this:

3. When the next window appear click next

4.Select restore point(set the date when you have program on computer) and click next

5. Then click next again, after this your computer will restart , and your program will restore .