How to see passwords in the Google Chrome

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Nowadays, forgetting passwords makes no wonder, for we have many e-mail services, social networking sites, shopping sites, educational sites, forums–all these demand a username with password.

Most of the netizens carry two or three email accounts at least–I have five mail accounts. Besides, we have to manage passwords of our Bank accounts, pins of debit and credit cards, and some other money transacting sites. Undoubtly, it seems very difficult to memorise passwords and pins of all these at a time. So what should be done–make a handy diary of passwords or just try some tips and tricks. I shall not  favour a handy diary of passwords; I do favour some tips and tricks.

Google provides many ways to do so. Let’s see some of them.

1. Most of the users use Google chrome, if you are one of them, you can easily retreat your passwords. Google chrome keeps your passwords safe in its database. Let’s see how to get passwords:

At first, Go to the setting option of chrome clicking at three parallel lines over the corner, as can see in the picture below.

Afterwards, you see “show advanced setting” option at the bottom of the page, now click it.


And now you are in advanced setting option, where you see manage passwords, just click it.


-> Being clicked manage passwords, it shows you asterisk-********- , where your passwords are. Clicking the show button, it first demands the computer password if you have that one , and then it shows password.   -Just that Simple.-


  1. How to retrieve passwords online:

Google works very smartly in organising an user’s data; It saves you browsing history, your bookmarks and even your passwords. You can get your passwords online sitting at the any corner of the world.

Just Go to the “”, then it ask for your Google account password; Just after submitting the passwords, you can be able to see your passwords.

  1. Third one seems cool to me. It shows you how to see the password behind asterisk. It looks like hacking someone else’s passwords. Doing this , you can impress you kin. A bit tricky, but anyone can do it easily. Let’s see how to do it:

Note: It only can happen when you allow your chrome to save the password.


You can test it over gmail or on any other mail accounts, as well. First, bring the cursor in the password input box and then right click. It brings a pop-up menu; At the end of the menu, you see Inspect element : a link.  Click the link.


Now you can see the words written passwd or password.


Now, at the type of the <input> field , just write “text” over “password”. And you can finally see the password as it is being shown in the figure below: “myname is don”.


In sum, you need not worry whenever you forget your passwords as we have shown you how easily it can be found with some knowledge and tricks.