How To Send Encrypted Text Through Chats,Emails

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Want to send encrypted texts in chats (facebook chats),emails etc .. I found out how to do it online.While using this encryption service your plain text will be converted into something else which we can’t understand.We can also assign a password which is to secure the encrypted item so that it will always prompt for password while decrypting(converting to plain text). It is offered by a website named . This service is totally web based so that you don’t need any software or anything else.
1) Visit the website

2)Scroll down and there is an option provided in the website to bookmark and using which you can encrypt and decrypt directly from a webpage(only if you are using their services from another webpage like gmail,facebook etc.otherwise you can use the text field in their website). So add the bookmark.

3)Type the text which is to be encrypted in the text field provided

4)Then click on the bookmark you have added just now(make sure that It is in the bookmark bar for the ease of access)

5)It will prompt for password , enter the password

6)Then you will get the encrypted text something like this:

1)Copy and paste the encrypted data in the same text field(as above)

2)Click on the bookmark again and it will prompt for password,enter the password and click decrypt

3)Now you can see the original text

You can do this from any webpage like facebook,gmail,google+ etc for using it in any other webpages bookmarking their script is a must.

Or you can copy and paste the data for encryption and decryption everytime you need and click on the button given in their website