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How To Send Fake Email

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Here is step by step tutorial that explain how to send fake email and how to create own fake emailer in python/django. First I’ll show you how to use my fake emailer that is created in python , you can run it on Just fill required information and click send , for example :
send fake email

After clicking Send button, you should see notification that your message is sent.

message sent

Below is example of fake email that I send as fake sender to my email


This fake emailer is created as django / python project . You can download complete code from my Git Hub account , here is the link , just click on Download Zip

d zip

If you don’t know how to run Django project read my previous article How To Create Your First Django Web Application

The main part of fakeEmail django project is /

When user click on Send button if statement :

if request.method == ‘POST’ :

will be valid and data from HTML form will be stored in variables:


These variables are argumets of the function


send_email function use python packages smtplib , email.mime.text to configure messagre and send it.

For more information about smtlib read python documentation

If you don’t like my fake emailer , you can try some from these list :

If you have any question fill free to comment here or email me at