How To Send Large Files

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Though many email providers supports large files to send in email attachment, it might not be enough for you. In case if you need to send larger files, there are several free online tools and web software that can help you a lot. But most of them allow you to upload the file in their server and when uploaded, it will send you a download link which will expire after certain hours.

Today I am going to introduce you with Belugafile which allows you to transfer large file securely without need to wait for download link. Let me guide you with clear image illustrations.

You’ll need to setup little bit and only once to make this happen easily.

First go to, make sure you have latest version Flash player installed in your browser.

Click on Install Adobe Air.

It will ask permission to download some files, it’s secure click on Yes button to download.

It will initiate the download; you can see the progress in the progress bar.

When the download is complete, it will automatically initiate Application install window.

Click on Install button leaving everything as default.

Again in next window, select the installation location ( you can leave it as default ) and click on Continue.

Agree the terms and conditions.

This will finally begin the installation progresss.

Now after the installation is complete, go back to home page of belugafile.

You can see Launch BelugaFile icon in place of Install adobe air.

Also in desktop you can note the BelugaFile icon.

Note that both of the computers must have to set up this to enable file sharing feature.

Click on Launch BelugaFile icon in your desktop. You’ll see your Host ID. Let your friend to open BelugaFile from his desktop. Send him your Host ID and ask him to paste it in Their Host ID. And click on connect button.

Send your Host ID and Paste Their Host ID

Now since both of you have exchanged each other’s host ID, you’ll be connected to each other. You can now start sharing files. Click on Add files button to share a file.

To add files

Files being uploaded

After you’ve successfully uploaded your file, their screen will appear similar to this.

Let them click on Save button to download the file.

In this way you can share files between any BelugaFile users just by exchanging BelugaHost ID.