How To Setup Direct LAN Connection Using Bluetooth

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You may come in the situation when you’ve two computer but no WiFi adapters in it. In such condition you can try cheap method to share files between two computers using Bluetooth. In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to achieve such heights.

To allow file and printer sharing, name each computer with a unique name but give both computers the same workgroup name. You can do this from the System Properties window. To open System Properties, go to My computer, right click on any blank area and choose properties. Or simply you can right click on my computer icon and choose properties.

In Computer Name tab click Change to input your computer name and workgroup name. You will be asked to restart your computer after the computer name and workgroup change.

The computer name defined in this step becomes the Bluetooth device name for this computer that will be displayed on another computer this computer is discovered.

Now plug in Bluetooth adapters to both of your computer. Make sure that Bluetooth device is properly installed on both of your PC’s properly by going to device manager.

Verify that the Bluetooth adapter is identified as a Bluetooth Network Connection under Personal Area Network with Microsoft’s Bluetooth stack driver while on the second computer with third-party Bluetooth stack driver; it is identified as a Local Area Connection under LAN or High-Speed Internet.

Make the second Bluetooth-enabled computer discoverable by going to Bluetooth settings and configure its “service properties” to include PAN Networking service.

In the first computer, right click on Bluetooth taskbar icon and select “Join a Personal Area Network” to open Bluetooth Personal Area Network window.

You can also do this by going to Network Connections and right-clicking the icon and select “View Bluetooth Network Devices” or clicking View Bluetooth Network Devices link on the left sidebar.

On the Bluetooth Personal Area Network window, click “Add” to open the “Add Bluetooth Device Wizard” if the second computer hasn’t been connected before.

Now we’re done with setting up the basic things. Now we’ll have to pair the devices.

On the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard, tick “My device is set up and ready to be found”. Click Next.

Wizard will search for Bluetooth devices in range.

Select the second computer and click next.

You will be asked to input a passkey or PIN code before starting a connection to the second computer. You can create your own passkey or let Windows create a random passkey for you. Click Next.

On the second computer, you will be prompted to input a passkey. Type the same passkey as the one created on the first computer and cick OK.

If the everything went well, you’ll be welcomed to next page with Finish button enabled. Click Finish. You will be back to the Bluetooth Personal Area Network window. Now the second computer is listed under Direct Connections. Select it and click Connect to start a Personal Area Network connection.

Now, both computers have been directly connected in a Personal Area Network. First computer with Microsoft stack is the Client while the second one with Thirdparty stack is the host.

Now you can share files same like in LAN but with slower bandwidth

Hope this tutorial was helpful.