How to Share Files

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Sharing is a human instinct.

The moment we something good, we like to share it others. One of the easiest modes of sharing is through email. However, emailing does not allow you to send huge files to the recipients. If you are on a home or office network, you can share files easily using the networking feature of Windows but this technique want let you share huge files over the internet.

There are some amazing file sharing applications and online tools that let you share big files easily:

It provides you with an online storage space of 25GB that can be used for saving all kinds of files such as documents and media files. Since the online drive is protected by password, you can control who can access your files. A cool feature of Windows Live SkyDrive is that even lets you create, view and edit documents on MS Office.


Dropbox is an application that lets you synchronize your files on the internet. It works with various operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux. It provides to 2GB online space for storing your files for free and for paid customers 100GB of space is provided. All the files are automatically synchronized when changes are detected. You can share files and let several people access them simultaneously. You can access your documents from anywhere through the web. You can make use of the free mobile device access app on devices like iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android.


Pando is a simple application that lets you send files of up to 1GB through any email. It also allows you to share photos, videos and documents through its dedicated instant messenger. After installing the app, you need to select the files and folders that you would like to share and immediately a copy of the files you want to share starts getting stored on the secure servers of Pando. The recipient will receive a email with a .pando attachment which when opened by the recipeient will allow him to download it from the files from the Pando server.


The moment you open the site, you will see the Browse button which let you browse the huge files you would like to send other users P2P through your internet browser. You are not required to signup to use it. You can share size files of unlimited size. There are no servers in between you and your recipient that will slow down the process. You will also be able to fully control who downloads your shared file.


YouSendIt provides you with a simple user interface to share your files. All you need to do is open their site and enter the email address of the recipient and yours and then browse for the file you want to send and then click on the Send button. The recipient will receive an email with a link to the shared file. Free account users can send files up to 100MB size.