How To Speed Up PC

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Are you sick and tired of slow PC performance? Do you wish your computer run like it did when you first bought it? Since your computer is like any other machine, it needs maintenance to stay in top health. To speed up your computer ,you should use Perfect Optimizer. It is an registry cleaner that offers users a chance to restore their PCs to optimal performance. The Perfect Optimizer constitutes the industry’s leading error scan and repair technology blended with easy-to-use interface that makes the process of cleaning your registry both elegant and efficient. It can detect the corrupt paths, redundant entries, invalid file shortcuts and more that make your computer run slowly or display error messages. With Perfect Optimizer you can restore your computer to like-new condition, all with a simple click of the mouse.

Download Perfect Optimizer

It includes 6 powerful utilities:

1) System Cleaner -Optimizer allows you to fix registry errors to keep your registry running smoothly, get rid of junk files, duplicate files and invalid shortcuts to increase hard drive space, clean browser history to protect your privacy and clean spyware to ensure the security of your computer. The system cleaner tools can do a lot to make sure that your system is running to the peak of its ability.

2) System Optimizer -rid of all those unnecessary files that crash your PC and end up system instability. It will also clean and optimize your PC, making it running faster and more efficient. Its windows startup option gives you the ability to remove files and programs that you don’t wish to start when windows starts.

3)Security – safeguards against bad ActiveX, worms, ad-popup, spyware and viruses. Eliminate malicious threats on contact using the real time scanning capabilities. You can also encrypt file, folder and disk; and block programs and malicious websites to protect your personal information like bank accounts, passwords and credit card numbers.

4)Repair Tools- Optimize your system, clean and repair Windows registry, fix PC crashes and error messages, restore IE default settings

5)Speedup – include memory speedup, startup speedup, system speedup and internet speedup. These tools allow you to make your Windows computer faster, more efficient and more secure; and optimize your internet speed up to 150% by changing the reservable bandwidth limit while boosting your RAM memory.

6)Restore – Perform a full backup of your system files, registry, favorite websites, driver at any time you wish. If you encounter a system problem, backup and restore tools in Perfect Optimizer make it easier for you to keep your data safe from user error, hardware failure, and other problems.

Unfortunately Perfect Optimizer isn’t free, here you can buy it: BUY PERFECT OPTIMIZER
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