How To Swap Or Change Drive Letter

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Sometimes you may want to change your drive letter. There comes a day when you want all the files of C: in D: and all the files of D: in C: without any reason, just for name.

So, How to swap files from C: to D and D to C or any other drives. Copying all the files of C: in separate partition and finally formatting C: and copying D drive’s file in C: and again formatting D, again you’ll format D and copy the files of C that you stored in separated partition and paste it in D.

Well the above method is time consuming and foolish method. If you really want to swap the drive letter then this tutorial will be helpful.

Go to start> My computer, Right click on My Computer icon and click on Manage menu.

Go to Storage tree list on the left and choose Disk management.

Now in this example I am going to swap drive G: and V:.

Right click on G: drive and select Change Drive letter and paths menu as shown in figure.

In the new window, click on change button. Now choose any of the drive letter (suppose T: )and click on OK button.

Click yes in confirmation window

Now your G: drive changed to the one that you’ve specified just now.

Now let’s change the drive name of V: to G:

Again right click on drive V: and go to change drive letter and paths. Now finally following steps above change drive letter to G:

Finally you’ve changed V: to G: bytaking T: as substitution. Now let’s change T: substitution to V:, to do so follow the above steps and choose drive letter V: in place of T:.

Now you are done. You’ve success changed V: to G:.

Hope this tutorial was helpful.

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