How To Use And Install Taggstar

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Today I’ll show you how to use free and simple online service called Taggstar that turns the images on your website into an interactive experience . With a single click your visitors can get information, share opinions and even find purchase options for nearly anything in the image. You can see how it works on real example below. Below is typical image that shows android menu. Try to click on gmail or facebook icon and see what happens .

Taggstar is very simple to use, all what you need is sign up in Taggstar , copy paste javascript code to your website and you’re ready to tag images. Follow instructions below :

1. Go to and click on Sign Up

2. Fill the information or connect it to your facebook account to create a Taggstar account

3. Log in your Taggstar account and click on Setup .

Install Taggstar

4. Select on of the options: WordPress, Blogger, Tumbit or Other

5. Copy Paste javascript code to static part of your wordpress theme as header, sidebar, footer…

I personally copied it into header.php

6. After adding javascript code to your website, you’ll be able to tag every image on your website. While you’re logged in your Taggstar account, visit your website and select star icon on image that you want to tag.

7. After that will pop up windows with your image where you need to point anywhere on the image to make tag

8. Fill the information as title, comment, link, video, image that you want to appear when someone click your tag and click Publish Tag.