How to Use iMessage on Android or Windows

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iMessage users know that it may be a struggle using iMessage on your iPhone or Mac, then having to need your PC or Android tablet for something else. You’ll have to switch between devices to do what you want.

With Remote Messages, you can get iMessage on Windows, Android, or any internet enabled device!

You will need a jailbroken iDevice for this tutorial.

Step 1: Open Cydia


Step 2: Press the search button in the lower right corner, and search for Remote Messages. If you do not see any results, you may need to add the BigBoss repo.
Step 3: Select the version of Remote Messages that is made for your version of iOS. Purchase the package for $3.99 (unless you have another repo to obtain it from)

Step 4: Install the package, and when asked to, respring your device.

Step 5: Once your device is back on, go to Settings, scroll down and select Remote Messages.


Step 6: Slide the switch next to enable to turn on Remote Messages. Also turn on Use Authentication and set a username and password.

Step 7: On your PC or device you want to access iMessage on, open your browser and type the IP URL you saw in Remote Messages settings along with the server port at the end (ex:




Step 8: When asked, enter the username and password you typed on your iDevice.

You now can access iMessage on any device! You can change your settings to enable notifications, change the theme, and more options.