Photoshop Tutorials:Ice Text

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This is short photoshop tutorial for arranging logos and texts a bit . In a few steps you we’ll change the logo’s look from common plain text to a nice icy look. Eventually it would look like this:

1)Create Nev Document , File->New, set dimension and click OK


3)Set parameters as shown below, in this example I use black background, you can change that in other color

4)select Horizontal Type Tool [ or press T on keyboard] and write your text on background

5)Image->Rotate Canvas->90 CW


7)Set Parameters as shown below

8) Image->Rotate Canvas->90 CCW


10)Layer->New Adjustment Layer->Hue Saturation

11)Set as shown below, and click OK

12) Select you Text Layer in Layer Tab (if you dont see Layer tab go to Window->Layer), then select Layer->Layer Style->Blending options

13)Set parameters as shown below

14))Set parameters as shown below

15)We get something like this