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What exactly is Sports? Traditionally, it's been defined as a competition for the highest level of
physical competence and skill which is either casually or formally organized for the
entertainment of both the participants and the spectators. However, this conventional definition
is currently challenged by the rise of eSports.
Just like traditional sports, eSports participants engage in a battle of physical endurance, skill,
and intelligence to win a game that is conducted in a virtual universe. Competitions are either
held by a small group of friends casually gaming on a bet or by international sponsors with
millions in the prize pot.


Yet, despite all these parallels, the current contention circles around the question of whether
eSports can be considered a true Sport. Can it be a sport when the player can receive a medal
without breaking a sweat? Can it still be a sport without a tangible finish line? Does it matter?
It's a real cultural issue that rests at the frontier of how humans deal with cultural disruptions
brought about by technology, especially because it involves something that forces us to redefine
age-old paradigms of how things should be.
In this infographic about esports, we explore deeper the commonalities of the two parallels,
revealing some astounding facts about the current reality of eSports. Learn the big names
pushing the industry forward, and the outstanding personalities who will be the future legends of
this controversial side of our only increasing digital society.